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Anyone Knows You Solely Like I Do?


For me, it is the worst nightmare.
People will show you lots of care,
will tell you how much they adore.

But anyone knows you solely like I do?

Cause, I have seen your darkest hour.
Your greatest despair and your intensest desire.
Only I know your passion and always admire.

Baby, You are made for me, And I am for you.

You know me better than anyone here.
All my dreams, my needs and what I fear.
You were with me when no one was there.

Darling, Please say you love me too.

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Kumar Vaibhav
Kumar Vaibhav

A Taurusian, searching for a wild soul with a beautiful heart. He believes in magic and loves to write random stuff.

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The Collection of Words, Poems and Love

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