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Souls of Distant Friend


I see the souls of distant friends,
on a sea of glowing coals.
The twisting smoke reveals each face,
their image my console.

Yet the flames sink into grey,
as the light begins to fade.
An ember for each memory,
forms a warm cascade.

For sitting here I dream alone,
soon the flames will dance once more.
Glinting softly in my eye,
with my thoughts of bygone years.

I may be old and turning grey,
but my heart holds no fears.
A fireside party for my friends,
as once more their laughter flies.

About the author

Kumar Vaibhav
Kumar Vaibhav

A Taurusian, searching for a wild soul with a beautiful heart. He believes in magic and loves to write random stuff.

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The Collection of Words, Poems and Love

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