The Collection of Words, Poems and Love

The Seasons of Life


When the time will come,
To light me up with this earth and clay.
I ask you not to mourn for me,
I will be with you every day,
for you know, life never renew.

When my soul will be free to roam,
To see the universe through a different eye.
I will make this earth my home,
Over the tranquil sea, I will fly,
for the end is something I can’t undo.

You’ll see me in the sky each night,
As a distant silver shimmer.
If you ever need a hug when things are not right,
Reach out your hand and breathe in the air,
for I’ll be still there for you.

About the author

Kumar Vaibhav
Kumar Vaibhav

A Taurusian, searching for a wild soul with a beautiful heart. He believes in magic and loves to write random stuff.

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The Collection of Words, Poems and Love

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