The Collection of Words, Poems and Love

Trembling Distance


I yearn to embrace this distance,
To capture it within my trembling hands.
Through light, my tears remain resistant,
But nightfall reminisces the pain.

If I could entwine our dreams,
Undressing the love prevailing within.
I would compose hope from the absence,
I would recall your voice from silence.

I beg you to stay a little more,
If you leave mirrors will reflect the void.
Nothingness will swallow my words,
My inmost fantasies will be destroyed.

I beg you to love a little more,
To enliven the unity we felt before.
My fingerprints itch for your touch,
My soul lives through your heart.

About the author

Kumar Vaibhav
Kumar Vaibhav

A Taurusian, searching for a wild soul with a beautiful heart. He believes in magic and loves to write random stuff.

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The Collection of Words, Poems and Love

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